Claims Process

The Claims Process for Employees:

Step 1: Employee

  • Personally pays for their medical, dental and wellness expenses
  • Completes a MediDirect® Claim Form
  • Attaches the original receipts
  • Forwards claim directly to MediDirect®

Step 2: MediDirect® and Employer

  • Upon receipt of the claim, MediDirect® invoices the Employer


  • The Employer has a Prefunded Account which is debited as claims arise
  • The total claim amount includes the claim expenses to be reimbursed, plus a 10% administration fee plus applicable taxes

Step 3: MediDirect®

  • Adjudicates and issues the reimbursement to the Employee upon receipt of the claim and payment by their Employer. This is a tax-free benefit for the full amount of their expense claim.
  • Sends the Employer a premium receipt which is used as a tax deduction for the business.